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GAL                           gallon
Gasoil                       An intermediate distillate product used for diesel fuel, heating fuel and sometimes as feedstock.
                                 Term is often used interchangeably with No. 2 heating oil.
G/L                            Grams per liter
HDA                           Hydrodealkylation, a process used for making benzene from toluene.
Heavy crude oil         Has API gravity lower than 28 degrees. The lower the API gravity, the heavier the oil.
HLS                           Heavy Louisiana Sweet
HO                             Heating oil
H/P                            High pour
HS                             High sulfur
HSFO                        High sulfur fuel oil
IPE                            International Petroleum Exchange
Isomerate                  A gasoline blendstock made in an isomerization unit
Kero                          Kerosene
KT                             one thousand metric tons.
Landed Cost

(of oil)           The cost of oil off-loaded at a port. Similar to CIF, but would also include any duties  fees or taxes.

Lifting                       Tankers and barges loading petroleum at a terminal or transfer point.
Light crude oil          Has an API gravity higher than 33 degrees. The higher the API gravity, the lighter the crude oil.
Light products,

light ends                 The group of petroleum products with lower boiling temperatures including gasolines and distillate fuels.

LLS                           Light Louisiana Sweet
LNG                           Liquefied natural gas
L/P                            Low pour
LPG                          Liquefied petroleum gases such as propane and butane produced at refineries or natural gas
                                 processing plants, including plants that fractionate raw natural gas plant liquids.
LS                             Low sulfur
LSFO                        Low sulfur fuel oil
LSWR                       Low sulfur waxy residual fuel oil
LVN                          Light virgin naphtha
Med                          Mediterranean
Metric Ton               A standard measurement: averages 7.33 barrels of crude oil.
unleaded                 Unleaded gasoline with a 89 R+M/2 octane rating.
MOGAS                    Abbreviation for motor gasoline
MON                         Motor Octane Number
MT                            Metric ton
MTBE                       Methyl tertiary butyl ether -- an octane booster and oxygenate used for gasoline blending.
MTH                         Month
Naphtha                   Straight-run gasoline fractions. Used as a feedstock for reforming and as a petrochemical feedstock.
N+A                          Naphthenes and aromatics
N/A                           Not applicable
Naphthenic              A high naphthenes content

naphtha                    Usually favored as reformer feedstock.

NGL                          Natural gas liquids. Includes ethane, propane, butane and condensate.
NOR                          Notice of readiness
NPH                          Naphtha
NWE                         Northwest Europe
NYMEX                     New York Mercantile Exchange
Octane number       A measure of the detonation quality of gasoline. The higher the octane number, the higher the
                                resistance to engine knock.
Olefins                     A group of petrochemicals characterized by their straight or branched structure. Includes ethylene,
                                the largest volume petrochemical, and propylene and butadiene.
Out-turn                    Quantity of oil unloaded from vessel at discharge point.
Oxygenate               Oxygen-containing blend stocks favored for their octane and their clean burning quality. Includes
                                 MTBE and ethanol.
PADD                       Petroleum Allocation for Defense District. A group of five geographic areas in the US used in
                                reference to petroleum distribution.
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