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Paraffinic                  A high paraffins content

naphtha                    Usually favored quality of naphtha for ethylene plant feedstock.

P/C                            Part-cargo
PCT                           Percent
Petrochemicals         Chemicals derived from petroleum; feedstocks for the manufacture of plastics and synthetic rubber. Petrochemicals include benzene, toluene, xylene, styrene, and methanol.
PG                             Persian Gulf (Same as Arab Gulf--AG)
Polymers                  Made from monomers. The most common include widely traded plastics like polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene.
PONA                        Paraffins, olefins, naphthenes and aromatics content.
Posted Price              A statement of the price requested by a seller of crude oil or products. The "list price."
Pour Point                 Lowest temperature which oil will readily flow without disturbance when chilled.
PPT                           Prompt
Prem                         Premium
Pygas                        Pyrolysis gasoline. A naphtha-range product with a high aromatics content used either for gasoline blending or as a feedstock for a BTX extraction unit. Pygas is produced in an ethylene plant that processes butane, naphtha or gasoil.
Rack Pricing            Selling to petroleum jobbers or other resellers FOB at the refinery, with the customer picking up transportation charges. The price of petroleum products at the refinery loading rack; cash and carry at the refinery's loading dock.
Reformate                A high-aromatics, high-octane product made in a reformer and used to blend motor gasoline or aviation gasoline.
Reg                           Regular gasoline. Usually contains lead.
Reg Unl                    Regular unleaded gasoline.
Resids                      Residual fuel oils
R+M/2                       Research Octane Number plus Motor Octane Number divided by 2. A gasoline octane designation commonly used in the US
RON                          Research octane number
RSFO                        Regular sulfur fuel oil
RVP                          Reid vapor pressure, a measure of a gasoline's volatility.
SG                            Specific gravity
Simex                      Singapore Monetary Exchange




Crude                       Definitions which describes the degree of a given crude's sulfur content. Sour refers to high sulfur and sweet to low-sulfur.

SPR                           Strategic Petroleum Reserve in the US
Steam cracker         (Ethylene plant) A petrochemical plant that produces olefins, particularly ethylene, and, in some cases, aromatics.
Straight-Run             Material which has come straight from an atmospheric distillation unit and has not been cracked or reformed, and which is usually used as a feedstock or as a utility fuel.
TC                             Time charter
ULCC                        Ultra large crude carrier; has capacity for 320,000 to 600,000 dwt.
UNL                           Unleaded.
USAC                        US Atlantic Coast
USG                          United States Gulf
USWC                       US West Coast
Vanadium                 Metal present in certain types of fuel
VGO                          Vacuum Gas oil, also known as cat feed. Feedstock for fluid catalytic cracker used to make gasoline, No.2 oil and other byproducts.
VIS or VISC               Viscosity. A measure of a liquid's resistance to flow. Several viscosity scales are used depending on the type of oil being measured.
VLCC                         Very large crude carrier; has capacity for 200,000 to 320,000 dwt.
WTI                            West Texas Intermediate. The WTI spot price of crude is reported from Cushing, Oklahoma.
WTS                          West Texas Sour
WYO SWT                  Wyoming Sweet



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